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Neuroscience Seminar

Institute of Neurobiology & Institute of Neurophysiology
Guests are welcome!

  • Tuesday, 11.02.2020: Prof. Dr. Eleni Roussa, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg: "Regulation mechanisms of NBCe1 in astrocytes"
    Zeit:  11.00 Uhr
    Ort:   Gebäude 26.11, Ebene 00, Raum 24 (WE-Raum)
  • Monday, 08.04.2019: Dr. Jonathan Stephan, AG Tierphysiologie, Fachbereich Biologie, TU Kaiserslautern: "Glial specialization in the Auditory Brainstem"
  • Friday, 08.02.2019: Prof. Jay Gopalakrishnan, PhD, Institute of Human Genetics, HHU and Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine: "Human brain organoids to model brain development and disorders"
  • Wednesday, 06.02.2019: Prof. Dr. Joachim W. Deitmer, TU Kaiserslautern: "Energy metabolism in the brain: Some roles of astrocytes"
  • Monday, 08.10.2018: Prof. Dr. Ko Matsui, Super-Network Brain Physiology Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan: "Glial control of neuronal information processing"
  • Monday, 08.10.2018: Mariko Onodera, Super-Network Brain Physiology Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan: "Neural and glial basis of hyperexcitable circuits"
  • Tuesday, 28.03.2017: Prof. Dr. Michel van Putten, Clinical Neurophysiology & Prof. Dr. Stephan van Gils, Applied Mathematics University of Twente, NL: "Temporal dynamics in global cerebral ischaemia - from clinical observations to modelling"
  • Tuesday, 14.02.2017: Prof. Dr. Arthur Butt, Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences University of Portsmouth, GB: "Why white matter matters: information superhighways of the brain"
  • Thursday, 16.11.2016: Prof. Nanna MacAulay, Neuronal Signalling Lab, University of Copenhagen: "Molecular mechanisms of astrocytic K+ clearance and the associated (or not?) cell swelling"
  • Thursday, 19.05.2016: Jan Meyer, Institute of Neurobiology: "Progress Report: Intracellular sodium fluctuations in astrocytes and neurons of the hippocampal CA1-region upon local GABA application"; Lisa Felix, Institute of Neurobiology: "Progress Report: Astrocytes in the CA1 region of the mouse hippocampus display spontaneous Na+ fluctuations"
  • Wednesday, 23.09.2015: Prof. Dr. Klaus Ballanyi University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada: "The Beat Goes On: Multiphoton Imaging of Neural Network Rhythms in Newborns"
  • Monday, 21.09.2015: Prof. Dr. Felipe Barros, Centro de Estudios Cientificos, Valdivia, Chile:"Perfect regulation of energy status in neurons"
  • Monday, 13.07.2015: Dr. Rodrigo Lerchundi, Centro de Estudios Cientificos, Valdivia, Chile:"Use of Genetically Encoded Nanosensors for the Study of the Acute Modulation of Astrocytic Energy Metabolism by NH4+"
  • Friday, 12.06.2015: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Reiner, Cellular Neurobiology, Ruhr University Bochum:"Optical control of glutamate receptors: principles and application to synaptic signaling"
  • Tuesday, 05.05.2015: Dr. Heike Heuer, IUF - Leibnitz Institute for Environmental Medicine Düsseldorf:"Knockin' on heaven's door - how thyroid hormone enters the brain"
  • Wednesday, 14.01.2015: Dr. Iván Ruminot, Centro de Estudios Cientificos, Valdivia (Chile) & Universität Kaiserslautern:"Imaging Metabolites in the Brain"
  • Tuesday, 01.07.2014: Maddalena Comini, Institute of Complex Systems 4 (ICS-4), Zelluläre Biophysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich:"Fluorescence imaging of localization and function of chloride/proton exchanger ClC-3 in synapses of hippocampal neurons"
  • Tuesday, 14.01.2014: Prof. Dr. Johannes Hirrlinger, Carl-Ludwig-Institute for Physiology, Leipzig and Max-Planck-Institute for Experimental Medicine, Göttingen:"New insights in brain energy metabolism"
  • Tuesday, 12.11.2013: Elena Schaberg, Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf:"Sirtuin 1 and glutaredoxin 2 as modulators of oligodendroglial differentiation"
  • Tuesday, 16.07.2013: Verena Untiet, Institute of Complex Systems 4, Zelluläre Biophysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich:"Intracellular chloride concentrations in astrocytes of an animal model of episodic ataxia 6"
  • Wednesday, 15.05.2013: Florian Windler, MSc, Kings College London:"Prepulse inhibition and the risk of psychosis"
  • Thursday, 16.04.2013: Dirk Saalfrank, MSc, University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern:
    "Microfluidic perfusion devices for long-term cell culture, microelectrode array electrophysiology and time lapse imaging"
  • Thursday, 11.04.2013: Ira Indrakusuma, University Bonn:"Modulation of the CIC-2 current in CA1 pyrimidal cells of the hippocampus"
  • Tuesday, 05.02.2013: Magdalena Markowski, Institute of Neurobiology:"Cellular changes of the membrane potential during epileptiform activity in the hippocampus of mice"
  • Wednesday, 21.11.2012: Martin Neumann, MSc, Ruhr Universität Bochum:"Validierung von potenziellen Interaktionspartnern der APP/FE65 ahängigen Signalkaskade - Relevanz für Morbus Alzheimer"
  • Tuesday, 13.11.2012: Guillaume Azarias, PhD, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden:"Relevance of intracellular sodium dynamics for brain energy metabolism and neuronal bursting activity"
  • Tuesday, 19.06.2012: Lennart Müller-Thomsen, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Diploma Thesis: High resolution, fluorescence based visualization of brain cells"
  • Tuesday, 12.06.2012: MD Assistant Professor Christian Henneberger, Institute of Cellular Neurosciences, University of Bonn, Medical School: "Plasticity-associated rapid morphology changes of passive astrocytes"
  • Tuesday, 05.06.2012: PD Dr. Amin Derouiche, Institute of Anatomy II, University of Frankfurt: "Perisynaptic Astrocyte Processes and Glia-Synaptic Interaction"
  • Wednesday, 21.03.2012: MSc Miguel Mondragão, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal: "Physiological aspects of insulin and its receptor in hippocampal neurons"
  • Friday, 16.03.2012: MSc Pietro La Vitola, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy: "Effects of glycemic control on the electrophysiological properties of retinal ganglion cells in a model of diabetic retinopathy"
  • Wednesday, 25.01.2012: Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Fahlke, Institut für Neurophysiologie, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover: "A channel in a transporter: glutamate transporter-associated anion channel"
  • Wednesday, 16.11.2011: Pavel Dublin, Institute of Cellular Neurosciences, University Bonn: "Astrocytic connexins in Health and disease"
  • Tuesday, 20.09.2011: Nicole Wöffen, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Bachelor Thesis: Methoden der hochauflösenden Rekonstruktion hippocampaler Zellen in situ"; Michael Nießing, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Diploma Thesis: Significance of Blood Components for the Function of the Leech Central Nervous System"
  • Tuesday, 02.08.2011: B. Bhavsar, Brain Tumor Group Institute of Neuroscience 4, Forschungszentrum Jülich: "Manganese enrichment in the Rat brain after cortical infarction"
  • Wednesday, 06.07.2011: Dr. Martin Theis,Universitätsklinikum Bonn,Institute of Cellular Neurosciences,DFG Junior Research Group (Theis): "Translational regulation in glial cells of the CNS"
  • Tuesday, 07.06.2011: Veronika Mauric,Institut für Neuro- und Sinnesphysiologie: "PhD progress report: Developmental expression of Cornichon in the CNS"
  • Friday, 13.05.2011: Sarah Schramme, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Bachelor Thesis: Die Rolle des peripheren Benzodiazepin-Rezeptors bei der hepatischen Encephalopathie"Marc Kuballa, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Bachelor Thesis: Aktivierung von NMDA-Rezeptoren durch Ammonium: ein Beitrag zur Pathophysiologie der hepatischen Encephalopathie"
  • Tuesday, 15.03.2011: Daniel Koch, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Diploma Thesis: Mechanismen Ammonium-induzierter, extrazellulärer Kalium-Änderungen im Hippocampus der Maus"
  • Tuesday, 01.03.2011: Marc Dröge, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Diploma Thesis: Veränderungen der intrazellulären Calciumhomöostase durch Ammonium"
  • Tuesday, 01.02.2011: Katharina Henkemeyer, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Diploma Thesis: Der Einfluss von oxidativem Stress auf Astrozyten im Hippokampus der Maus"
  • Tuesday, 26.10.2010: Sabine Bradler, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Diploma Thesis: Veränderung mikroglialer Eigenschaften nach Gewebsschädigung"
  • Wednesday, 22.09.2010: Sabrina Koenen, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Bachelor Thesis: Altersabhängige Veränderungen synaptischer Plastizität im Hippocampus"
  • Wednesday, 08.09.2010: Diana Wedel, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Bachelor Thesis: Zelluläre Grundlagen der Alzheimer'schen Demenz"
  • Tuesday, 03.08.2010: Maike Breiden, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Master Thesis: Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) induced changes in mitochondrial function of cultured hippocampal astrocytes"
  • Friday, 30.07.2010: Eric Berlinger, Institut für zelluläre und molekulare Anatomie, Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main: "Untersuchung zur Dynamik von Uhrengenen bei neuroprotektiven und neurodegenerativen Prozessen nach Läsion im Hippocampus der Maus"
  • Tuesday, 13.07.2010: Carina Wehrend, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Bachelor Thesis: Age-dependent changes of gene expression in the brain"
  • Tuesday, 20.04.2010: Nora Schiwy, Molecular Neurobiology University Hospital Duesseldorf: "Axonal regeneration and plasticity of several fiber systems following spinal cord injury and different treatments"
  • Wednesday, 17.02.2010: Nicole Haack, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Progress Report: Effect of NH4 + on the K+-homeostasis in the hippocampus"
  • Tuesday, 19.01.2010: Prof. Dr. Andreas Faissner, Department of Cell Morphology & molecular Neurobiology Ruhr-Universität Bochum: "Regulation of neural stem/progenitor cell and synaptic plasticity by neural extracellular matrix"
  • Tuesday, 01.12.2009: Dr. Marcel Dihné, Neurologische Klinik, Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf: "Inflammatory Substances and Neural Stem Cells"
  • Tuesday, 03.11.2009: Prof. Dr. Hans Rudolf Güttinger, TU Kaiserslautern: "Neurobiologische und kognitive Aspekte des Lernens von Melodien beim Menschen und bei Vögeln"
  • Monday, 19.10.2009: Sebastian Illes, Neurologie, Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf: "Progress Report: Characterization and application of embryonic stem cell-derived neuronal networks"
  • Tuesday, 25.08.2009: Martin Falkenberg, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Progress Report: Einfluss von Blutersatzlösung auf die elektrophysiologischen Eigenschaften der Retzius-Neuronen des medizinischen Blutegels"
  • Wednesday, 19.08.2009: Agnes Taubert, Neurologische Klinik: "Progress Report: Modulation der Gliogenese von adulten neuralen Stammzellen"
  • Tuesday, 21.07.2009: Dr. Silke Honsek, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Intracellular Ca2+-signaling in hippocampal astrocytes and NG2-cells"
  • Tuesday,14.07.2009: Jonathan Stephan, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Progress Report: Influence of ammonia on the electrophysiological properties of astrocytes"
  • Tuesday, 07.07.2009: Bernd van Stegen,Institut für Neurophysiologie,AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: Quantum dots - a new tool to study endocytosis?"
  • Tuesday, 30.06.2009: Kim Pielarski, Institut für Neurophysiologie, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: Regulation of synaptic cell-cell interactions by N-cadherin"
  • Tuesday, 23.06.2009: Dr. Tony Kelly, Institut für Neurobiologie: "Mechanisms of NH4+ influx into astrocytes & neurones in hippocampal slices"
  • Tuesday, 16.06.2009: Dr. Christian Müller, Goethe Universität Frankfurt (am Main) - Klinische Neuroanatomie: "Lesion induced plasticity in organotypic hippocampal cultures - 2-photon microscopical observations"
  • Tuesday, 26.05.2009: Aksana Andreyeva, Institut für Neurophysiologie, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: N-cadherin and pathogenesis of Alzheimer`s disease"
  • Tuesday, 19.05.2009: Christian Cremer,Institut für Neurowissenschaften und Medizin (INM), FZ Jülich : "Comperative analysis of the gene expression in the brain: Introducing quantitative in situ hybridization"
  • Wednesday, 06.05.2009: Prof. Jian-Sheng Lin, INSERM U628, Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon : "Histamine and orexin neurons: distinct and synergistic control of wakefulness"
  • Tuesday, 05.05.2009: Prof. Dr. Manfred Gahr, MPI für Ornithologie, Seewiesen : "Learning about sexual differentiation: bird song as a model"
  • Tuesday, 28.04.2009: Dr. Susanne Aileen Funke, Institut für Strukturbiologie und Biophysik, FZ Jülich : "Early diagnosis and therapy of Alzheimer´s disease"
  • Tuesday, 21.04.2009: Dr. Susanne Schoch, Institut für Neuropathologie, Universität Bonn : "Role of the presynaptic active zone in synapse function"
  • Thursday, 26.02.2009: Prof. Dr. Yoel Yaari Hebrew University School of Medicine, Jerusalem: "Control of intrinsic pyramidal cell excitability by Kv7 and K Ca2 channels"
  • Tuesday, 17.02.2009: Dr. Christian Lohmann, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Amsterdam: "Mechanisms of synaptic partner selection in developing neurons"
  • Tuesday, 10.02.2009: Tanja Steiner: "Final Report (Diplomal Thesis): Ammonia inhibits mGluR-mediated calcium signaling in hippocampal astrocytes and neurons in situ"
  • Tuesday, 03.02.2009: Kathrin Gassmann, AG Fritsche: "Progress Report Promotion: Human neurospheres for studying the effects of dietary flavonoids on neural progenitor cell migration"
  • Tuesday, 27.01.2009: Alexandra Rduch: "Immunocytochemical characterization of the Glutamate Transporter Expression in Mouse Hippocampus"
  • Tuesday, 20.01.2009: Dr. Denis Burdakov, Dept of Pharmakology, University of Cambridge: "Brain Sugar Sensors"
  • Tuesday, 13.01.2009: Dr. Volker Eulenburg, MPI Frankfurt: "Analyzing glycine transporter functions by molecular and genetic approaches"
  • Tuesday, 16.12.2008: Attila Antal, Hautklinik, Düsseldorf: "Interleukin31 - a new link between t-cells atopic inflammation and puritus"
  • Tuesday, 09.12.2008: PD Dr. Gerhard Rammes, MPI Psychiatrie, München: "Isoflurane anaesthesia reversibly improves cognitive funktion and long-term potentiation via an upregulation in NMDA receptor 2B subunit expression."
  • Tuesday, 25.11.2008: Prof. Dr. Manfred Heckmann, Carl-Ludwig-Institut für Physiologie, Universität Leipzig: "Presynaptic active zones, bruchpilot and plasticity"
  • Tuesday, 11.11.2008: Prof. Dr. Sascha Weggen, Neuropathologie: "Selective inhibition of Abeta42 production with gamma-secretase modulators: a promising approach for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer disease"
  • Tuesday, 28.10.2008: Jessica Schira, Molekulare Neurobiologie (AG Müller): "Progress Report Promotion: Neural differentiation potential of unrestricted somatic stem cells from human umbilical cord blood"
  • Tuesday, 21.10.2008: Prof. Dr. Petra Wahle, AG Entwicklungsneurobiologie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum: "Desperately wanted-a role for survival promoting peptide Y-P30 for brain development"
  • Tuesday, 14.10.2008: Sonja Dittmer, Neurologie (AG Mether): "Mechanismen der GPR39-vermittelten Zytoprotektion"
  • Tuesday, 07.10.2008: Helle Sickmann, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, University of Copenhagen: "Brain Glycogen-Aspects of Metabolism and Functional Significance"
  • Tuesday, 29.07.2008: Dr. Aksana Andreyeva, Institute for Biosynthesis of Neural Structures, ZMN Hamburg: "CHL1 as a selective organizer of the presynaptic chaperone machinery"
  • Tuesday, 15.07.2008: Dr. Hector Romo-Parra, Department of Physiologiy, Universität of Heidelberg: "Firing-induced suppression of inhibition in substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons"
  • Tuesday, 08.07.2008: Ke Hong, Institute for Neurobiology: "Final Report (Diplomal Thesis): Ammonia-induced changes in extracellular ion homeostasis"Maike Breiden, Institute for Neurobiology: "Final Report (Bachelor Thesis): GFAP expression in the developing mouse hippocampus"
  • Tuesday, 01.07.2008: Dr. Silke Meier, Institute for Neurobiology: "Synaptically-induced calcium transients in astrocytes"
  • Tuesday, 24.06.2008: Dr. Ingmar Bruns, Clinic for Haemotology, Oncology and clinical Immunology : "Funktional studies of orexin receptors on Cd34+ hematopoetic stem and progenitor cells"
  • Tuesday, 17.06.2008: Dr. Martin Schwarz, MPi for medical Science, Heidelberg: "Gamma-protocadherins: What is their function?"
  • Tuesday, 10.06.2008: Prof. Irmgard Dietzel-Meyer, RUB Bochum: "Role of glial cells in sodium current regulation by thyroid hormone"
  • Tuesday, 03.06.2008: Dr. Martin Oheim, Institute for Neurophysiology and New Microscopies Laboratory, University of Paris Descartes: "The tripartite synapse goes bipartite. Stories from vesicles, channels and transporters"
  • Tuesday, 27.05.2008: Bastian Elßner-Beyer, Institute for Neurophysiology, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report (PhD Thesis): Development of glutamatergic synapses in mouse somatosensory cortex"
  • Tuesday, 20.05.2008: Julia Langer: "Progress Report (PhD Thesis): Synaptically-induced sodium signals in hippocampal astrocytes"
  • Tuesday, 13.05.2008: PD Dr. Thomas Mittman, Dept. Neurophysiology, Ruhr-University Bochum: "Impaired efficacy of neurotransmission in the visual cortex by chronically reduced levels of BDNF"
  • Tuesday, 06.05.2008: PD Dr. Carsten Korth, Institut for Neuropathology: "Diagnosis and Therapy of Protein Conformational Disorders"
  • Tuesday, 22.04.2008: Dr. Tony Kelly: "Ammonium-evoked alterations in intracellular sodium and pH inhibit glutamate transport activity in astrocytes
  • Tuesday, 15.04.2008: Boris Klyuch, Institute for Neurophysiology, AG Sergeeva: "Progress Report: Role of dopamine and GABA in the regulation of histaminergic neurons and sleep-waking behavior"
  • Tuesday, 29.01.2008: Corinna Walz, Institut for Neurophysiology, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: Developmental plasticity at glutamatergic synapses in mouse somatosensory cortex"
  • Tuesday, 22.01.2008: PD Dr. Gerald Seifert, Institut for Cellular Neuroscience, University of Bonn: "Developmental regulation of Kir4.1 expression in hippocampal astrocytes"
  • Tuesday, 15.01.2008: PD Dr. Christian Lohr, Department of Zoology, University of Kaiserslautern: "Axon-glia communication in the developing olfactory system"
  • Tuesday, 08.012.2008: Dr. Boris Görg: "Oxidative and nitrosative stress in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy"
  • Friday, 21.12.2007: Prof. Dr. Uwe Rudoff, Laboratory of Genetic Neuropharmacology, Dept of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School: "Physiological and pharmacological functions of GABAA receptor subtypes - Implications for drug development"
  • Tuesday, 11.12.2007: Prof. Dr. Volkmar Lessmann, Institute for Physiology, University of Magdeburg: "Modulation of synaptic transmission by neurotrophins"
  • Tuesday, 04.12.2007: Adrian Stan, Institute for Neurophphysiology, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: The adhesion molecule N-cadherin regulates the accumulation of presynaptic vesicles"
  • Tuesday, 27.11.2007: Julia Langer: "Progress Report (PhD Thesis): Activity-induced sodium transients in neurons and glial cells"
  • Tuesday, 20.11.2007: PD Dr. Axel Methner, Institut for Neurology: "Inhibition of the Bl-1/Bc12 interaction and its effect on the intracellular Ca2+ machinery"
  • Tuesday, 13.11.2007: Dr. Werner Kilb, Institut for Physiology and Pathophysiology, University of Mainz: "Ligand-gated Cl- channels mediate exitation and inhibition in the immature CNS"
  • Tuesday, 30.10.2007: Christian Kehl: "Progress Report (Diplomal Thesis): Immunohistochemical characterization of glial cells in organotypic brain slices
  • Tuesday, 23.10.2007: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Lüddens, Dept. Psychiatry, University of Mainz: "Novel developments in the biochemistry and pharmacology of GABAA receptors"
  • Tuesday, 16.10.2007:Peter Göttle: "Progress Report (Diplomal Thesis): The role of CXCL 12 in differentiation and maturation of myelinating glial cells"
  • Monday, 17.09.2007:Dr. Katharina Heupel: "Transforming growth factor-beta2 (TGF-ß2) in the development of synapses"
  • Tuesday, 26.06.2007:Dr. Guido Krause: "Reactive Astrocytes in Organotypic Slice Cultures"
  • Tuesday, 19.06.2007:Prof. Dr. Joachim Lübke, Institute for Neuroscience and Biophysics, FZ Juelich: "Structural determinants of transmission and plasticity at central synapses: from structure to function"
  • Tuesday, 12.06.2007: Dr. Simon Rumpel, institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna Biocenter: "Synaptic and circuit mechanisms of memory formation"
  • Tuesday, 22.05.2007: Dr. Holger Taschenberger, Dept of membrane Biophysics, MIP for Biophysical chemistry, Göttingen: "Developmental plasticity at a glutamatergic synapse"
  • Tuesday, 15.05.2007: Christiane Reck: "Progress Report (PhD Thesis): Funktional Characterization of the Cerebellar Thalamus by Intraoperative Macroelectrode Recordings in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis-Tremor"
  • Tuesday, 08.05.2007:Prof. Dr. Alexander Dityatev, Institut for Neuro- and Pathophysiology, University of Hamburg-Eppendorf: "The roles of cell adhesion molecules NCAM and L1 in synaptic plasticity"
  • Tuesday, 24.04.2007: Prof. Dr, Chrisroph Redies, Institute for Anatomy, university of Jena: "Cadherins: An Adhesive Code for CNS Development"
  • Tuesday, 17.04.2007: Silke Meier: "Progress Report (PhD Thesis): GABA-induced calcium signalling in hippocampal astrocytes"
  • Tuesday, 13.02.2007: Jonathan Stefan: "Progress Report (Diplomal Thesis): Characterization of SR101-positive cells in the hippocampus"
  • Friday, 09.02.2007: Frank Kirchhoff, Max Plank Institute of Experimental Medicine, Neurogenetics, Göttingen: "Functional analysis of glial cells by genetic and imaging techniques"
  • Tuesday, 30.01.2007: Adrian Stan, Institute for Neurophphysiology, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: Function of N-cadherin in developmental regulation of presynaptic vesicle accumulation"
  • Tuesday, 23.01.2007: Christian Cremer: "Progress Report (Diplomal Thesis): Receptor architecture of the Reeler-Mouse Brain"
  • Tuesday, 16.01.2007: Prof. Dr. Markus Missler, Dept of Anatomy and Mol. Neuroscience, University of Münster: "Neurexins and their ligands at the cross-road between synapse function and structure"
  • Tuesday, 09.01.2007: Prof. Dr. Clive Bramham, Dept of Biomedicine, University of Bergen (Norway): "BDNF and control of synaptic consolidation in the adult Brain"
  • Tuesday, 19.12.2006: Kim Pielarski, Institute for Neurophphysiology, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: Molecular coding of synaptic cell-cell interactions by N-cadherin"
  • Tuesday, 12.12.2006: Prof. Dr. Jens Eilers, Carl- Ludwig-Institute for Physiology, University of Leipzig: "The role of calcium-binding proteins in dendritic signal integration"
  • Tuesday, 05.12.2006: Prof. Dr. Markus Missler, Dept of Anatomy and Mol. Neuroscience, University of Münster: "Neurexins and their ligands at the cross-road between synapse function and structure"
  • Tuesday, 28.11.2006: Dr. Christian Lohmann, Dept of Neurophysiology, MPI Neurobiology, Munich-Martinsried: "How neurons make contakt: axon-dendrite interactions during the first steps of synapse formation"
  • Wednesday, 22.11.2006: Dr. Kerry Trucker, Center for Neurosciences, University of Heidelberg: "Control of cortico-striatal neurogenesis by histone deacetyltransferases "
  • Tuesday, 14.11.2006: Prof. Dr. Thomas Voigt, Institute for Physiology, University of Magdeburg: "Interdependency of spontaneous cortical network activity and GABAergic subpopulations"
  • Tuesday, 31.10.2006: Dr. Antje Gohla, Institute for Biochemistry and Molekularbiology: "Regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics by chronophins, a novel family of HAD-type phosphates"
  • Tuesday, 24.10.2006: Dr. Tony Kelly, Institute for Neurobiology: "Progress Report: Changes in intra- and extracellular ion homeostasis during hepatic encephalopathy"
  • Tuesday, 04.07.2006: Dr. Mustapha Bennay, Institut for Neurobiology: "Na+ signals in Bergmann glial cells and Purkinje neurons"
  • Thursday, 29.06.2006: Corinna Walz, Institut for Neurophysiology, AG Gottmann: "Progress Report: Developmental plasticity of pre- and postsynaptically immature glutamatergic synapses"
  • Tuesday, 20.06.2006: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Misgelg, Institute for Physiology and Pathophysiology, University of Heidelberg: "Retrograde signalling modulates postsynaptic inhibition in rat substantia nigra"
  • Tuesday, 13.06.2006:Dr. Thomas Dresbach, Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Heidelberg: "Active Zone Assembly from Precusor Vesicles"
  • Tuesday, 06.06.2006: PD Dr. Dirk Feldmeyer, Institute for Medicine, FZ Juelich: "Neuronal Connectivity in a Cortical Column"
  • Tuesday, 30.05.2006: Dr. Dirk Schubert, Institute for Brain Research: "From where neurons get their information: Intracortical networks for tactile information processing"
  • Tuesday, 23.05.2006: PD Dr. Olga Sergeeva, Institut für Neurophysiologie: "Functional correlation of metabotropic glutamate receptor expression (group1) in striatum and hypothalamus"


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